S.H. Roddey aka Siobhan Kinkade (Devil’s Daughter Cover Reveal!!)

When Ellie first approached me about a “Year After” post, I sort of panicked. Both on a literary and personal level, the last year has been a painful mess, to say the least. It’s been in the last week that things have really started to turn around. ConCarolinas in Charlotte was a surprising success (I sold more books there than I ever have at a public event), and just last night I got the green light on another project near and dear to my heart. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

As for the things I had with No Boundaries Press, there wasn’t much but I’ve done pretty well picking up the pieces.

Huntress, the erotic short as Siobhan Kinkade, has found a new home (and a smexy new cover) with Nicole and the lovely people at Mocha Memoirs Press. I still love that story.

Haunted, my paranormal horror short/novella is also with MMP, and it got a pretty facelift too. This story still scares the crap out of me, guys. I don’t like rereading it simply because I have to turn all the lights on in the house afterward. I wish I was lying about that too.

Rock N’ Roll Angel, the splatterpunk erotic horror piece in the one and only anthology NBP ever released, found a new home in the midst of a few other strange little stories. Selah Janel and I put our heads together and created Lost in the Shadows, a collection of 42 bits of short fiction scattered across the speculative fiction spectrum. It’s our foray into the world of self publishing.


I also sold several short stories. Wolfy was accepted into John Hartness’ The Big Bad Anthology of Evil, Black Ice went into James R. Tuck’s Thunder on the Battlefielddual anthology, Look What the Cat Dragged In found a home in Scott Sandridge’s Hero’s Best Friend anthology, and Skippin’ Stones is slated to be released in Big Bad 2 later this year.

Oh, I’ve also started picking up commission work for cover art, and I’m a host on The Star Chamber Show, a BlogTalk Radio show showcasing indie authors and the things they write.

Now for the big one…

Anyone who knows me probably knows the story behind Devil’s Daughter, the short story I wrote as a means of coping with my father’s death in 2012. Everyone probably also knows that it was caught in the NBP crossfire. I got my rights back and it languished for awhile, dangling in the digital in-between while I negotiated a different book contract for something else.

That something else, it turns out, is a seven-book contract with Seventh Star Press. That’s right, kids… The Soul Collectors series has a home! I learned last night that Devil’s Daughter will once again be available for purchase on June 11th. The first novel, Armageddon Rising, is scheduled for a summer release this year. Take a look…isn’t it pretty?


So that’s that. I’m happier, healthier, and much more productive than I was a year ago. Oh, and I’m at all of these places if you want to come find me:

Website | Blog | Facebook | S.H. Roddey FB page | Twitter

Siobhan’s Blog | Siobhan’s FB Page | Siobhan’s Twitter

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