Publisher looking…

Some advice I wanted to share on those looking for a publisher:

  1. Do your homework. Research the company. Research the owners. The internet is an awesome tool to do searches on people.
  2. Writers Beware is a handy tool.
  3. If it sounds too good it probably is. There are certain things you notice. Always read over things, do not be afraid to ask questions. There is a great group of independent writers out there who will answer questions.
  4. Always read through your contracts finely. If it doesn’t look professional don’t sign. If there is early termination clauses question these.

Once you get accepted there are other things you need to keep an eye out. Don’t let a publisher bully you. A good publisher should be able to answer your questions fairly. Yes they are busy so it might be a couple days before your question is answered. Your publisher should not threaten you if you have concerns either.

There were a few things I noticed with NBP. One was that the publisher could careless about formatting. That should have been one of my red flags which I ignored. I would think a publisher would want the books they put out under their name to look as nice and neat as they could make them.

Being cautious is a good thing. Your book deserves good treatment. Find the right home for it, just like searching for a good babysitter or dogsitter. You want the best for your family, your book is your baby too.

For those reading who are published with publishers what advice would you give new writers?

Up next I will talk a little about self publishing and some helpful links.

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