Jennifer Brown

Me at Author FairIf the past year has taught me anything, it’s that everything can change before you know it. At this time last year, I was promoting two ebooks with No Boundaries Press before they closed only paying perhaps a quarter of their authors.

Surprisingly and thankfully it didn’t take me long to bounce back. I submitted my re-tooled suspense series to Nevermore Press, and was picked up again, the first book being released in November.

Since then, I have released two other books in The Edge of Springwood series, had my first author event, and just signed new contracts and have approved my first two books to be uploaded as paperbacks to Ingram’s Distribution. Nevermore Press is currently compiling lists to have our books available for purchase, several bookstores, grocery stores and even the military are part of the growing list they will be approaching.

I can honestly say this is the first Summer I have looked forward to in a long time. I am finally starting to feel like a real author after years of struggling. Nevermore Press is the third publisher I have taken this storyline through, and as they say a third time is charm. It is certainly starting to look that way.

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Jennifer’s books:

edgeofspringwood1The Barnes family has seen tragedy, but nothing can prepare them for what they are about to face.

Tragedy forced Jacob Barnes to step in at the age of 22, and raise his younger brother and sister. Years later, as the Barnes family is finally on the verge of recovery the past comes back to haunt them.

It’s election time in Springwood, and Jacob is a candidate for Mayor. Having proved himself as a successful business man, Jacob feels he is ready to take on Springwood and tackle the city’s many issues. Little does he know the extent of the issues he is about to face.

When it becomes apparent someone is out to sabotage Jacob’s campaign, Jacob begins to realize the past is far from behind him and his family. Two murders reveal dark secrets in the Barnes family, as they come to terms with a harsh reality.

Christmas has arrived in Springwood…and so has a killer, bent on revenge.edgeofspringwood2

The Barnes family is still reeling from recent events, as they try to spend a normal holiday together, but fate has different plans for them.

As the holiday season kicks off, Mayor Jacob Barnes is in the middle of planning the annual Christmas Festival, while his brother Justin, and sister Jocelyn prepare to spend the holiday with their love interests—until one of them is found dead.

As Jocelyn’s trial looms closer she struggles with haunting memories of a questionable past, and worries of an uncertain future. Matters get more complicated when a mysterious stranger enters the scene with a special interest in Jocelyn.

As New Year’s Eve arrives, everyone prepares to ring in the new year, no one having any clue exactly what it may bring, except for one person who has a plan to make sure those who crossed him get burned.

edgeofspringwood3Everyone has secrets…some are just darker than others.

Dr. Brent Parker is well known for his success rate with patients, and once he gets wind of Jocelyn Barnes’s story he extends an invitation to her to appear on his reality show, Dr. Brent. As the Barnes prepare for their lives to be even more publicized with the arrival of the Dr. Brent crew, jury selection begins in Jocelyn’s trial.

When a dead body found in Mercy Park draws a visit from the Barnes’ long estranged Aunt Liz, and their cousin Danielle, matters get complicated. As Jocelyn welcomes reconnecting with her cousin, other memories resurface that lead to devastating results.

As dark secrets are revealed, twisted links to the past arise and taunt the Barnes family as they deal with yet another deadly reality.


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