Happy June!

I hope your weather is being nice to you. Welcome to sunny California where is is scorching and its not even fully summer yet! Updates Seeing Stars my contemporary romance is pretty much done. Release date has been pushed to July 8th. I will be having a cover reveal for it next Monday. Blood Father is in the works tentative release is the end of July beginning  of August. Playing with Magic will be released mid-August to end of August. I plan on being very busy this summer.

This month I have some important friends stopping in. About a year ago me and a bunch of others who were contracted by a independent publisher had the misfortune of being suckered. The owner had pretty much ripped off everyone for a full year. She took advantage of us some very naive to this publishing thing. And when we asked about things she would get mad and say it was against our contracts. I have a link to the full story here: http://www.ericapike.com/2013/09/when-authors-steal-from-authors.html?zx=b88ff1e4eabce4b8

But we are not going to dwell on the negative. This situation made each of us stronger and more knowledgeable. Some have self published, while others have got picked up with other better publishers. So you will get good news. So stay tuned.

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