Sunday Snippet Coming Soon Seeing Stars!

“Ah yes, my extra is here!” Christian came walking over to them. He had on nice jeans and a blue button down shirt. “Follow me.” He started zigzagging through the crowd  to a large chair surrounded by people who looked bored.

“You sit here,” he said, “and Alisa sits on your lap back to the camera.”

“What?” she said brows pulled together.

“You’ll be fine. No lines. So you straddle his lap.” He looked at Logan. “Sit down and get comfy.”

Logan sat down.

“I really think maybe someone else should do this.”

“It will be another extra. And I want him to know this person on his lap.”

“Come on Alisa, your back will be to the camera,” Logan said.

Alisa looked from Logan to Christian and Logan again. She heaved a sigh, knowing she was not going to get out of it.

“Fine,” she said and straddled his lap.

Logan’s hands snaked down to her hold her hips.

“Yes,” Christian said. “So, when I walk through the first time you guys will be like this.”

“First time?” Alisa said.

“Yes. I will walk through with a few friends chatting. We will pause about here.” He took a few steps to the left and stopped. “I want everyone to be chatting, laughing, and flirting. It’s a party so do what you would do.”

“Now the second time I walk through, I will stop by you and ask—‘Have you seen Darla?’ and you are going to look from Alisa to me and say—‘No, don’t you see I am busy?’”

“Easy enough,” Logan said.

Christian clapped his hands. “Good. Okay, let’s get this started.” He left the room.

“I am nervous,” Alisa whispered.

“It’s okay. You’ll be fine.”

“Action!” Screamed Christian from the other room. Alisa peeked around at the other people who suddenly came alive.

“I can get used to this,” Logan whispered.

She looked at him. “I bet.”

He smiled as his eyes went to the opening of the other room. “I am going to flirt with you. You don’t have to do much just follow my lead.”

Christian and some others walked in talking loud. Logan reached out taking some of her hair in his hand.

“Focus on me. Not them.”

“Got it,” she whispered.

She watched as he took in her face, and his face got soft and those hazel eyes were warm and caring. He leaned forward slowly, and brushed his lips against hers. He smelled so good, and even though she was surrounded by strangers she liked this position too. Being close to him. Any anger she had against him had evaporated.

He leaned in and nipped at her neck, making her give a small giggle as she wiggled on his lap. Which as she did it knew it was a bad move. She could feel him grow hard through the jeans.

“CUT!” Christian shouted.

“You drive me mad,” Logan whispered.

“Sorry,” she said feeling that it was necessary to apologize.

A few minutes later Christian walked into the room. “That was great. I don’t have to redo it, perfect. Now on this one, Alisa, remove your shirt.”

“Christian, I don’t think that is necessary,” Logan said frowning at his friend and his hands pulled her closer to his body.

“The party has been going for some time. Everyone will be drunk and getting crazy.” That explained why people were leaving and new people were coming in. Some had makeup smears, and disheveled clothing.

“Alisa has to take off her shirt. The scene asks for the same girl to be topless on your lap.”

“Maybe you should have mentioned that before. She is not an actor or extra. She is not used to this,” Logan said.

“We can do the other scene again with another girl on your lap if you would like.”

Logan looked at her.

She thought of watching another girl on his lap topless. “I’ll do it.”

“See, she’s a team player!” he said.

“You sure? Because I can just have him redo this.”

“I’m okay,” she said nodding.

“So, shirt off.”

“Everyone give her a moment and turn around,” Logan said closing his eyes. She looked around and saw everyone had turned away and quickly pulled her shirt off, pulling it over the front of her covering herself.

“Okay,” Alyssa said.

“Nice tattoo!” Christian said.

Alisa made a face as Logan tried to look around her and see for himself. “It is stick figure zombies,” she whispered, “A birthday present.”

Christian came over to them. “So the shirt is going to have to go. You can’t be holding onto it. You have to look like you are getting into the mood.”

“Press into me,” Logan said sitting a little straighter. She did.

“Yes,” Christian said pulling the shirt from between them. “Hands around his neck or on his shoulders. Have fun with it. By the way, nice bra.”

Alisa face heated up. She wrapped her arms around Logan’s neck and hid her face against his neck. She could smell the soap he used this morning, and the almost fruity smell of the gel he used in his hair. He smelt so good.

“Okay everything looks pretty good,” Christian said running into the other room.

“Action!” He shouted.

“Alisa,” Logan whispered making her look at him. “You ready?”

She gave a small shrug. “I guess.”

His hands moved slowly up and down her bare back. “Kiss me,” he whispered.

She moved forward and gently pushed her lips against his. He sucked on her bottom lip as she pulled away. There was a need in his eyes that she had seen before, and a sadness which made her chest tight. She wanted to erase that sadness. She kissed him again, and he kissed her back. She opened to his mouth and he hungrily dove in. The world faded and it was just them, their mouths locked against each other, her body pushed against his, the bulge, now bigger, rubbing between her legs.

He pulled away from her kiss and kissed her chin, his lips made small kisses along her jaw line. His hands were so warm against her skin. “You drive me mad,” he whispered in her ear so only she could hear him. He kissed her shoulder pausing.

“Have you seen Darla?”

“No, can’t you see I’m busy?” he said, kissing Alisa’s bare shoulder.

“Sorry,” Christian said, walking away.

“Cock blocker,” Logan whispered to Alisa making her giggle.

“CUT!” Christian shouted as Logan held Alisa protectively against him. Five minutes later, Christian walked into the room.

“This scene came out perfect. You are awesome, my man,” he said. The two fist bumped.


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