Writing what you want.

I’m not sure who created the you wrote this genre book now you are to stay this genre. My stories are all different. From science fiction to fantasy to paranormal to weird to romance. Each story is different. Why should I be labeled? If I write a science fiction book I might write another one down the line or I might not, in this case there will be more. I will be branching out with even more soon with my contemporary romance, steampunk and a thriller. I hate labels. Let someone be creative. Do you tell an artist what to paint? A dancer how to dance? A singer what to sing? You do have artists who deal with one genre, or a twist of two or three. That is where they are comfortable, and that’s what they like. Me on the other hand I want to push my limits. My stories are all different. I like to see how this develops. Will it get scary? Will there be sexy combination I wasn’t expecting? Is there a knife fight? Or some unexplainable death? Now how the hell do I explain it? Writing is a journey into those realms I want to explore. Kind of like that weird reincurring dream, you get to that door like always, reach out your hand to open it, and then wake up. What is behind the door? And are you ready to make it amazing?

By FanGirlEllie Posted in writing

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