The Great Review Beasty

As a writer we love everything we do. They are ours. We have put as much love and caring in as we can before we ship it out to the world. Really they are our babies. One of the downfalls of putting our work out there for the world to see is that not everyone is going to like it. Sometimes we get amazing reviews, some are okay, some are critical, some are bad, and then there are some that are just plain mean.

We strive for amazing, knowing that for each amazing there with be some bad. I have had ones that were three stars but pinpointed why-not long enough to the formatting sucked (thanks to a publisher who took our money and didn’t care about what they were putting out). Those are great, those are ones that yes I could fix the formatting, and I did. Now there are the ones that are under it. 2 stars based on the sample, really?!? 2 stars because said person did not possibly understand that the book was a work of FANTASY. And then there are those 2 to 1 stars without anything at all.

As a reviewer myself when I go into a book, I am looking for the good qualities. And I try to stick with things I like. I don’t enjoy vampires very much, so usually it has to be a different take on a vampire book to get me to read. I recently read one which had vampire rock stars. That was different. Sometimes when people get books and rate them so low, it makes me wonder did they not read what the book was about? Even if it is free I read the blurb, and I do read some reviews because they tell a little more about the book if the blurb is not good enough.

To me read the books you enjoy. If you don’t like fantasy books don’t read fantasy books. Or at least go into a book genre knowing what you might be in for.

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