Healing Hark Blog Tour!

elliecover*darts into the room* “Quick, Ms. Ellie. You gotta hide me!”  *looks around wildly for absent host*  “Shit! There’s going to be a scalping if that brute gets ahold of me.”

“If who gets a hold of you, muse?”

*spins*  “Ah hell.”  Backs away from the slender Japanese master from Dakota’s new release Healing Hark. “Master Rai. I wasn’t expecting you.”

“Obviously.”  Diachi straightens and moves closer to the leather clad muse.  “Dare I ask what you did to piss off my Hark?”

*chews on lower lip* “What makes you think I did anything. I was just pimping out Dakota’s newest book like I was told. How was I to know he’d take it personally?”

Diachi arches a brow. “Take what personally?”

“Her damned mouth.”  Hark stalks into the room. “Not only is she a mouthy little muse, she’s also a damned thief. I caught her sneaking back into the last stop to steal some of the goodies Bryan left behind for them.”

“Duh? Double Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes?”  *rolls eyes* “What did you expect? Not even a spanking from you is enough to dissuade me from swiping one or five.  Besides it’s the golden rule:  thou shall not come between a muse and her glorious chocolate.”

Hark stared hard. “Glorious chocolate? Woman, you’re lucky I didn’t rat your thieving ass out to Dakota. She’s pull you out of here so fast your little head would spin.”

“But she loves me. And knows I need chocolate. It’s one of the five musely food groups.”

“Musely food groups?”  Diachi cocked his head at her – as if he’d never heard such a thing.

“Yep.” *holds up fingers*  “Chocolate, sexy lingerie, including corsets, hunky men, decadent sex toys and authorly type frustration.”

“Dear lord – your…there’s no words.”  Diachi covered his eyes. “You know what, Ms. Livvy? I thought about saving your ass, but now?”  He caught Hark’s gaze. “Have at her, koibito. Just make sure she’s in one piece for the next stop.”

“No!”  *tries to run*  “Umph….”

After watching his sub (switch) cart off the screaming muse, Diachi turned back to the crowd. “Okay, sorry about that. There are times that little tyrant needs to be taken in hand.  For those of you who’ve managed to follow the tour so far, Dakota is giving away another book from the Doms of Chicago Series.  For this stop it is…”  He glanced down at the paper in his hand. “The fifth book in the series – Saving Micah. So just leave a comment below with your email addy to be entered to win.”

Pulls out a five pound chocolate bar.  “And this is for Ms. Ellie’s frustration. Thank you for having us today.”   Moves to leave, then snaps fingers. “Crap, the grand prize. See the meme card below? There is a number on the lower right hand corner. Enter it in the rafflecopter form below for a chance to win the complete set – book 1 thru 8 of the Doms of Chicago. Dakota will be drawing the winner at the WRAP-UP Party on the 25th.”  Studies the card and shakes head.  “That is soo my Hark…”


Author note:

Thanks to the lovely Ms. Ellie for allowing my crazy muse to stop by with her usual antics. For those who are interested…below is a blurb and buy links for Healing Hark which was released on Friday.  And don’t forget to stop by Sexy Erotic Xciting Reviews tomorrow for another chance to enter for the grand prize drawing.


 Can their love survive healing him?

Despite being in a long-term relationship with his Master and lover, Diachi Rai, CEO Bryan Sterling is feeling restless, and it all has to do with his Master’s former submissive. Ever since Harkalone “Hark” Akula entered their home, Bryan’s life has been turned upside down. He’s acting out, standing up to his master – even courting punishment. All because of his need to help Hark.

Diachi is a man of many secrets, and Hark happens to be one of his darkest. As his first submissive, Hark was partially responsible for molding him into the powerful but discerning Dom he’s become. But when he was unable to give Hark what he needed, Diachi let Hark go, rather than share him. Now Hark is back, scarred and darker than Diachi could ever remember him being, and in dire need of a healing touch.

Hark is at the end of his tether. After losing his family: his Dom, their submissive and child along with his home, all he wants is to be left alone, not dropped in his former master’s lap like a child. But now that he’s there, he’s not only tempted by Diachi and Bryan, he’s also being drawn into their world. The question now, is will he be able to stay?



Publisher : http://www.excessica.com/books/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=696





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10 comments on “Healing Hark Blog Tour!

  1. I would say “poor Livvy” but that muse has definitely earned her spanking:)
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  2. I’m loving reading these blog posts…. Thank you for posting them 🙂
    geetracy1170 (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. Congrats to TracyG. Random.org picked you as the lucky winner of a copy of Saving Micah. Will be sending your prize shortly. Thanks to all of those who stopped by.

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