Unforeseen moments in life…

I would like to say when a New Year starts it starts off slow with the good and the bad. To me this year has been a tumble over head few months. And when I really look at it, really everything has happened and it has only been 3 months and 2 weeks. I have had my share of sickness to last the rest of the year, and I have lost a family member to the big nasty C word. But there have been good things like the release of Awaken the Elements, which did better then I could hope for. And I have to thank everyone for giving me a chance. Right now I am in a transition stage; we are in the middle of moving rooms around and so on. Our loss has been tough, and we are trying to muscle through it the best we can. I know I have goals with book releases, but when life decides your goals aren’t very important you have to just go with it.

In this moment writing isn’t my biggest priority, but I feel it, I think about it daily. I try to when I can. But like I said there are bigger things important out there that needs to be settled. And hopefully next month I can get all caught up. I might have to relook over some of my book goals. But I can guarantee that Playing with Magic Book 2 in the Elemental Trilogy will be out this summer! Autumn and the guys will be separating for a bit; road trips will be had that involve weird folk along the way. Magic will be played with, and new people will be introduced that you will either love or hate.


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