Moan Monday! Dirty Tease!

BloodWitch_finalthumbnailHere is a dirty tease from Blood Witch out now.

He led her through a small door behind the stage and down a narrow hall. He threw open a door and looked inside. Satisfied, he pulled her in. She eyed the dusty furniture and old boxes. The air was thick with dust, they both knew by it that no one had been in there in a while. Leslie opened her mouth to say something, but he kissed her hard. He picked her up easily and sat her on the old desk.

He looked down at her with his bear eyes. “Show me yours,” he whispered.

“But,” she whispered.

“No buts,” he said as his hands easily slid under her shirt. They moved up to cup her breast. “Show me your bear, Leslie.” He almost growled the last as he roughly squeezed her breast.

She shook her head. “I can’t.”

“Just release it.” With an evil smile he kissed her hard and rough. He picked her up and with his quick reflexes he spun her. His hands went to her jeans, unbuttoning them. He hooked his hands in them and pulled jeans and the cute frilly new panties she had recently bought. “Come on, Les, or the magic is going to drown you.”

She closed her eyes and opened that door as he pushed her on the table with her butt in the air.

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