Awaken the Elements soundtrack part 2

These Days by the Foo Fighters

One of these days your eyes will close and pain will disappear
One of these days you will forget to hope and learn to fear

But it’s alright
Yeah it’s alright
I said it’s alright

Easy for you to say
Your heart has never been broken
Your pride has never been stolen
Not yet not yet

One of these days
I bet your heart’ll be broken
I bet your pride’ll be stolen
I bet I bet I bet I bet
One of these days
One of these days

The first night as it comes down to it. No it is not alright. It will never be alright again. They have all been through probably the worst traumatic experience in their lives and no it isn’t okay. But they have to deal, or they will all go insane.

Wasteland by 10 Years

Change my attempt good intentions
Should I, could I

Here we are with your obsession
Should I, could I

New people are in the mall, some strangers some not. Old and new obsessions, people putting themselves out for others. For what. What future do they have in this wasteland that is crawling with a virus that has no cure.

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