This happened…

Yes this just happened tonight. I really hope everyone enjoys the book the second book in the series Playing with Magic will be out in August. And for those who have already read it please give me a review and well how about a dirty tease from Playing with Magic?

Rough Draft but here you go…

Anatha had watched Autumn talk to the elders and the power play. She had shrugged it off and enjoyed feeling normal with Davies. He danced just as good as her, matched each move with her own. She let the music tale her over, and she could feel her magic wrap around her as the music called to it. It inflamed her. Davies touched her arm. The one touch lingered, and made her body want more. If she felt this way about Davies then she must not really love Jaime. Was she just waiting for someone who inflamed her like the super hot Davies.

Her burgundy eyes flamed as she watched him twist and move to the beats. It made her think of darker and dirtier things with moves like that. She bit her bottom lip as things inside of her clenched with lust.

When the song ended Davies leaned into her. “You are a hot dancer.”

Her face turned a little scarlet. “Thanks.”

“You want to go outside and get some air?”

She nodded noticing how hot she had become. “Sounds good.”

They walked through the swaying crowd and finally moved out to through the backdoor. The crisp clean air hit them. Anatha paused taking in a big breath. Her eyes went to the stars above them. She could still feel her skin tingling with the music, magic and Davies’s touch.

“You okay?” he asked her coming close.

“Yes,” she said and realized they were all by themselves there in the dark. “I was just enjoying the fresh air.”

He ran his fingers lightly down her bare arm and she fought the shiver. “I felt your magic in there when you danced. I won’t lie and say that it did not turn me on, because it did.”

Her eyes widened. “Well thanks,” she said.

His hand wrapped around her arm. “You know it isn’t even that. You are sexy.” Before she could say anything he kissed her. The shock of it made her pause but as his arms pulled her against his rock hard body she melted into him. Her body tightened as her heart raced while his tongue teased and played around in her mouth.

A slight moan escaped her throat as his hands slipped under her tank top. Big manly work hands glided up her sides as his eager mouth kissed along her neck. He pulled his hands out and turned her around quickly. He held her to him as bent down to kiss along her neck.

“I want you so much Anatha,” he whispered between kisses. “I have never wanted a woman as much as I want you.”

Her eyes were closed enjoy the feel of his lips on her neck and shoulders. His hands went back under her shirt and rubbed along her stomach and moved up until each hand cupped a breast. He kneaded over and over again making her insides warm and clench.


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