Music works…

I have blogged about music before and how it inspires me. I might be a writer, but I can never really explain what music does really. It speaks to my soul, it makes me feel happy when I am sad, it helps me concentrate, a good song is like wearing your favorite pjs on cold days. I would rather listen to music then watch TV, and I like TV so that says a lot.

You can find me on Spotify, where I have a tendency to make crazy soundtracks and book soundtracks. I have been making soundtracks before and I started back in the late 90s with Awaken the Elements soundtrack. First off the book was actually called Munched, where the infected where more zombies. I kind of wanted to go more virus alive-ish.

On the original soundtrack Godsmack Voodoo, The Doors Strange Days, Mudvayne World so Cold, Disturbed Down with the Sickness, Lifehouse Hanging by a Moment, 2gether You’re the one that’s Real, System of a Down Sugar, NSync I’ll Never Stop and Limp Bizkit Break Stuff where always originals. All the other songs have been added on over the many years of rewriting and editing.

For the next week I will be talking about each song and how they relate pretty much. And I will also be talking a little bit about the next book Playing with Magic. To actually see the soundtrack it’s under the fun tab of my website. You can follow me on Spotify, and I will follow back.


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