Late dirty tease! Blood Witch…

The cub screamed, and Leslie could see that his body had enough and decided on changing. “This is going to get dirty.”

“Don’t panic,” he said, shooting her a quick look, trying not to keep his attention off the cub too long.

“Too late,” she said, trying to calm her heart. All she needed to do was make herself a big enough target.

He came to her, and held her face in his big hands. The electricity flared. Her magic started to break through, which happened when her emotions were high. “Breathe,” he whispered to her.

“I know what happens to the newly changed. They’re hungry.”

He nodded, and leaned his forehead to hers. “I can’t stop it. This is going to be ugly, just close your eyes okay.”

She did, but she could hear everything, all his bones breaking and reknitting themselves together. The sound was in-between a dog drinking water, and a messy eater eating something very gross. His screams turned to roars. Finally, after all the bones we reknitted, the cub gave a roar that shook the small room they were trapped in. Nathan turned, keeping his back pressed to her, blocking her view. She did what she believed was the stupidest move ever, but couldn’t help herself; she wrapped her arms around him. The flare of the electricity that entered her body, made her weak, and she leaned her head against the back of his neck.

The more skin that she pressed against him, the more of the electrical feeling zapped through her. But then something else happened. Her magic opened, but it didn’t go wild. Instead, it touched Nathan’s beast. His power flowed from him, mingling with hers. For a second, they were nothing but magic. And then as one they looked at the cub, angry and hungry as it slowly advanced on them fully in bear form. As one, they willed it to sleep. And it did just that. It lay down in the water and went to sleep, the bear body slowly turning back to human.

Nathan turned in her arms, and moved his face in close to hers. She thought he would lick her cut again, but instead he pressed his lips against hers, kissing her hard. Her arms moved up to circle around his broad neck, as she kissed him back with feverish want. He pressed his body against her, hard, ready. She could sense his need, his want, and it matched hers in every way. Her hands had tangled themselves in his long, blondish brown hair when he finally broke the kiss.

“What the hell was that?” he finally said and went to the boy. He picked him up from out of the water and laid him on an old wood counter.

“A kiss,” she murmured, wanting him to kiss her more, touch her. She sighed.

“I know what that was, I mean that,” he said, motioning to the boy.

“Magic,” she said, looking down into the water. “But different.” She thought of the life of the magic. There seemed no death in it. No scary, as she was used to thinking of it.

“I’ve never fought the moon. But we did it. Your blood tastes of bear and magic.”

The door above them exploded in, shaking the roof above them dangerously. Nathan covered her from the falling wood splinters as best he could. “Never fear,” Collin said, “The cavalry is here.”

“Was that explosives?” Leslie shouted, barely able to hear over the loud ringing in her ears. She would have to get her ears checked. They were getting a lot of damage lately.

“Sure was. Hell with your magic. Give me enough boom, and I can get through anything,” Collin said. He turned looking at someone. “Found your brother, too.”

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