Burned By Deceit Cover Reveal!

Burned by Deceit coverBurned  By Deceit


Jennifer Brown


       Christmas has arrived in Springwood…and so has a killer, bent on revenge.

The Barnes family is still reeling from recent events, as they try to spend a normal holiday together, but fate has different plans for them.

As the holiday season kicks off, Mayor Jacob Barnes is in the middle of planning the annual Christmas Festival, while his brother Justin, and sister Jocelyn prepare to spend the holiday with their love interests—until one of them is found dead.

As Jocelyn’s trial looms closer she struggles with haunting memories of a questionable past, and worries of an uncertain future. Matters get more complicated when a mysterious stranger enters the scene with a special interest in Jocelyn.

As New Year’s Eve arrives, everyone prepares to ring in the new year, no one having any clue exactly what it may bring, except for one person who has a plan to make sure those who crossed him get burned.


Lyn sat on the curb trembling as a tow truck was lifting the front of her car up. The front of it was totaled. The  glass window of Springwood Federal Credit Union was shattered, and the tree that was on display  was now toppled over, but luckily that seemed to be the only damage. The police had given her a breathalyzer test, which she knew—at least she hoped—she would pass. Now the police were talking to Dan as they finished making out their report.

She’d totally freaked out. She could remember getting the call from Dan to pick him up, and then getting that package she didn’t remember ordering—after that, nothing. She didn’t even remember getting in her car, just being in it—then next thing she knew, she could hear Dan crying out in pain, and she was in the driver’s seat of the car careening toward the credit union.

“Miss Barnes?”

She managed to look up at the same officer who had tried to calm her earlier. He introduced himself, but she didn’t even remember his name. He seemed nice though.

“Are you okay enough to get wherever you’re going?”

She blinked. The Christmas festival. She was supposed to meet Brian there and work on their story. “Oh, no.” She reached for her purse, trying to find her cell phone. She frantically took out everything else but. “My cell phone! Where is it?”

Who is Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown lives in Springfield Ohio, and has written since third grade. She was taught to read at an early age and fell in love with books, mainly mysteries. Her love of books grew, and in the summer before she started high school she wrote her longest story, halfway filling an old school notebook. In high school she started to enter writing contests, and in her junior and senior years joined the Herald staff becoming entertainment editor over her high school newspaper.

After graduating, with a few writing contest awards under her belt she attended college a year later, and was urged by her English instructor to join the college paper. She did, writing a few reviews of restaraunts and movies, as well as writing a review of her first Alanis Morissette concert. A few years later she was asked to take the position of entertainment editor.

At 38,  Jennifer has written several stories and has many more in store for readers.  When she is not writing she likes reading, working on computer graphics, editing photos, listening to music, and brainstorming for new ideas!





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