A dirty tease! (Awaken the Elements)

Summer was coming to a close. Autumn tried to avoid both Rowan and River, but her body betrayed her. Sometimes she wished to hunt Rowan down and rip off his clothes. Other times he tried to get her alone, almost making it too obvious. But like always, she held herself together.

She found herself alone in the funhouse. She slowly walked through the passages, stopped on a spinning portion of the ground, and spun herself a few times. There was a little nook that she liked to sit in in this passage. The mall was huge, but alone time was still hard to come by.

River’s voice echoed through there, “Marco!”

She rolled her eyes and sighed. “Polo! Past the mirrors.” Waiting, she scrunched up her nose in the funny mirror across from her. He walked into the archway.

“You alone?” he asked, looking around.

She nodded. “Something wrong?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing.” He walked over to her. “Autumn, I know you have been avoiding me. I think others are noticing as well.”

She looked away. “I just need some time alone. I am feeling a little overwhelmed.” She got up and walked through the passageway, hitting the moving floor planks. River followed, spinning.

“Sorry,” he said when they spun to face each other. He jumped to the next one, spinning. She laughed, doing the same thing.

“It’s okay.” She jumped to the passage. Did a come-hither motion and disappeared into the blackout room.

She made it into the ball room and flattened herself along the wall. He ran into the room and looked down into the ball pit. She quietly moved, reaching out to push him in, but he turned on her, grabbing her arms. They crashed into the ball pit together, laughing.

She rolled away and tossed a ball at him. Not ready for it, the ball bonked him on the head.

“Why you!” he said and jumped at her. She rolled away. He grabbed a ball and hit her on the head.


“Whatcha going to do?” he asked, cocking an eyebrow at her.

She grabbed a ball in each hand, but before she could throw them, he lunged, grabbing her hands. As the laughter died down she noticed how close his dark blue eyes were. His face was within kissing distance. Her hands dropped the balls, and he laced his fingers in hers. Startling her, he pressed his lush lips against hers. His kiss felt needy as he nipped her lip, trying to get her to open her mouth. She obliged.

He pulled her into his lap as the kiss deepened. She squirmed on his bulge which made him moan. He gently kissed along her jaw and down her neck. His lips skimmed the top of her V-neck then worked their way back up to land on her lips. His lips were driving her mad. They made her sensitive skin tingle. His kisses and nips brought forth little noises from her.

Her hands slid under his shirt, and she made her way up his tight abs. He had the best body she had ever felt and seen on the big screen. He had muscles but not like a bodybuilder. She wanted to see his perfect naked body, now in person.

“Off,” she said, tugging his shirt.

He bunched his shirt up and slowly removed it, tossing it out of the pit. Her hands moved over his chiseled chest and up to his perfect shoulders. Perfect.

“Off?” he asked, giving her shirt a gentle tug. She pulled her shirt off. He looked at her with hungry eyes, stopping on her lacy bra. “Off?”

She nodded, but his hands where already behind her, working on the clasp. He undid it like a pro and kissed each shoulder as he pulled it off. He tossed it out of the pit. A fire, a need, burned in her.


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