Revising Goals…

I am a little out of bounds lately. My family has been through a rough few months, and was hit with a death really recently. It has been rather stressful. The release of Awaken the Elements has come at a bittersweet time. But it is out and there is no need to mope about the past, we need to move foreword, as do I.

With this I have redone my goals for the year. Awaken the Elements has been released, Yay! That is one goal I am happy to mark off my list.
1. I have to finish Seeing Stars, which is a general romance story. I am pushing for an April release.
2. I have Blood Father Finish, the sequel to Blood Witch. I will be pushing for a June release.
3. I have Playing with Magic, the second elemental book almost done as well. I have a few things to add and get it to the editor. This one will possibly be out at the end of August, fingers crossed.
4. I have a zombie book I am in need of finishing almost done, this one is called Island of the Zombie King. This one I am pushing for a September or October Release.
5. In November my friends from Evolution Press will be putting together a Christmas short story book.
In December I usually take the month off for break, just because everyone needs a break. This does not mean I stop writing, it just well, I love Christmas, baking, present buying or making and holiday funness with my family.

And I have already set some book goals for 2015 as well.
1. Blood Feud, the third book in The Opposite Side. This will end Leslie and Nathan’s story. But I am not finished with The Opposite Side, the next three books will follow another character(s) and take place here in Tulare County.
2. Sacrificial Call, the third and final book in my Elemental Trilogy.
3. Tick Tock and his Steam Circus, my Steampunk book.
4. And 2 small romances. All I Want and Indentured.

I am trying to get back into my almost daily blogging habit as well. There will be randomness be assured. And as we are in a drought there will be no more falling asleep in the tub . That just means that I will actually get more reading done, which I have fallen behind on as well, mostly from napping in the tub.

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