A Dirty Tease of Awaken the Elements!

She looked over the boxes of soil. “My own greenhouse. I don’t know where to start.” But she was already moving. He had unpacked the seeds, separating herbs and vegetables. She ripped open a packet and went to the closest box. Her hands dug into the soil, and something in her relaxed. She smiled as she planted her seeds. Hours went by as they chatted, and finally she finished with her last bag of seeds.

She turned to the guys. “I don’t want to freak you out,” she said, unsure of herself.

“What?” River asked, having watched her as Rowan shook himself awake from the nap he had fallen into.

“My thing   ” she said, holding her hands out and making fists.

“Your magic,” he said.

She nodded. “I don’t know what will happen.”

“Go on,” Rowan said, and River nodded.

She closed her eyes and reached into her inner self. Her body flared with magic when she opened them. She turned, creating a power circle.  It flared to life easily. She did not know if it would or not, but her magic knew more than she did. She took in an unsteady breath and walked over to the closest soil box and shoved her hand in the dirt. She could feel her power push through her body, into her arm, and through her fingers.  Before it left, she envisioned weaving her intent with the soil and the seeds. Autumn felt the spell leave her, and she could sense the dormant life. Her magic attacked them, feeding them, and they began to root. She walked to each box and repeated the process.

The power continued to build even after the last box. She blinked, looking out the window to the dead trees in the orchard.  Her magic reached out and brought them back to life. Dormant but alive, waiting for spring. But her magic wasn’t done yet. She turned and looked at the guys. Her small spell in the pumpkin bread lingered, and she could feel everyone in the mall. She could feel their sensations, their needs. It all made perfect sense to her; they were all creatures of Earth, and she could feel it all.

“Adair,” The guys looked around trying to see who she was talking to. “I can’t turn it off.”

“Release the circle. You need to release the power,” Adair responded.


He whispered something, and she frowned. She closed her eyes and released the circle. The magic pressure released like a bubble. She felt a little better after her ears popped, but the magic build up was still flaring inside her body. She walked over to Rowan and kissed him. It started soft, but the magic enveloped her, and she fell into the kiss, her hands grabbing his hair as she thought he would crawl into her mouth. She broke away.

“Fuck,” he whispered.

She laughed and latched her throbbing lips to River’s. He kissed her back with the need of the magic. His hands grabbed her, pulling her to his lap. He stopped the kiss much to her frustration, and Rowan helped him remove her shirt. River’s mouth ravished hers. She felt Rowan unhook her bra. He kissed a shoulder as he slid a strap off. When it fell away, his hands greedily grabbed her breasts. His lips kissed along her neck. Her skin tingled with each touch, making her ache, longing for more. She could feel the magic lessen as her body shivered with need. She wiggled on River’s lap, making him moan in her mouth.

Coming out soon!!


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